About Us

Mission Statement

Through product and service exellence, Computer Cable Connection Inc. is committed to being "Your #1 System Integrator." By being a responsible, innovative business partner providing value-added services and networking products to our clients worldwide, Computer Cable Connection is dedicated to consistently exceeding our client's expectations. CCC's commitment to service, quality, ethical business practices, financial strength, and flexibility is funed through our dedication to educating our employees with emphasis on technology and service


Vision Statement


-Establish Partnerships with our customers and suppliers

-Promote team concepts and strive for continuing improvement in all areas of our business

-Deliver our products on time, every time, in conformance with or exceeding customer expectations.

-Recognize our employees and our clients as our most valuable assets

-Be flexible and adaptable to a changing business environment and recognize that change is an inherent and integral part of our      growth and development

-To be recognized as an authority for professional computer & network services

-To be able to contribute to the communitites we do business with

-To have a reputation for providing quality services at fair prices

-To have a sense of accomplishment and pride in the work we perform, for our customers, ourselves and eachother

-To have fun at work, but to also accomplish our tasks in a professional manner with speed and thoroughness

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